Niagara Wine Route


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Wine Route: 43.184652, -79.416733
: 43.197418, -79.581528
Wine Route: 43.192287, -79.282494
Wine Route: 43.147591, -79.182587
Wine Route: 43.186905, -79.056587
Wine Route: 43.253455, -79.089546
Creekside Estate Winery: 43.153501, -79.331710

From the grape growing and winemaking pioneers of the 1970’s to the rising stars of today, the Ontario wine industry works together to make world class wines that can only come from the soils here in Ontario.

On the south shore of Lake Ontario, the Niagara region has a diverse terroir of sheltered slopes, lakeside vineyards and mixed soils which all provide a world of character in the wines.

Tour the Niagara Wine Route from the saddle of your bike. Niagara’s regional appellations include Niagara-on-the-lake and Niagara’s Escarpment. Over 80 wineries will surely increase your sense of taste, smell and place. Take advantage of guided tours, unique wine tastings and great shopping. See where our quiet roads and your inspiration lead you by following this enchanting route. Come and discover the soul of wine country. For more information on wineries, visit Wine Country Ontario.