Peace Bridge reopens to cyclists

The Peace Bridge has reopened to cyclists with the completion of the Binational Trail connection with new sidewalks and cycling lanes.

On August, 27th, 2019, community leaders and elected officials gathered on the Peace Bridge to celebrate the occasion. The new Binational Trail Connection connects the Niagara River Recreation Trail to the trail in New York State.

“Trails connect us to parks, people, gardens, heritage sites, golf courses, wineries, great dining and of course great shopping” said Niagara Parks Chair Sandie Bellows, “Linking our trail networks encourages local residents and tourists alike to stay active and tour even more of this beautiful area that we all share.”

Groups on both sides signed an agreement to maintain and promote the Binational Trail Connection.

For more information on how to cross the Peace Bridge by bike, check the Planning Your Adventure page on our website.