Mountain Bike Routes


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Short Hills Provincial Park

Short Hills Provincial Park is a 688 hectare natural environment park containing protected features such as the Niagara Escarpment and Carolinian Forests. The Park welcomes cyclists on trails designated as shared use (bikers, hikers and horseback riding). Three trails, mostly traversing natural terrain have been clearly marked in the park with yellow colour-coded icons and numbers. Please do not use other trails.

Visitors are asked to obey all signs posted in and around the park and are encouraged not to use the park during wet weather. Erosion deteriorates trails causing irreparable environmental damage. As a non-operating park, admission is free but there are few amenities.

Please Remember:

Respect the natural environment and be courteous to adjacent landowners and other trail users.

Swayze Falls Trail – 4.2 km western link

This trail contains both forests and meadows with the most notable feature being Swayze Falls, which can be viewed from a platform built over its gorge. The trail links to the Black Walnut Trail only at the southern end, central kiosk not at the northern end near the Pelham Road parking lot. This trail now terminates at Effingham Street and does not provide a continuous loop back to Walnut Trail.

Black Walnut Trail – 4.3 km eastern loop

This path includes many steep hills and uneven ground as well as water obstacles and several old farm roads. The trail connects with the Swayze Falls Trail to the west at Pelham Road and with local roads from the Wiley Road entrance and with the Very Berry Trail.

Very Berry Trail – 1.3 km northern link

This short trail is in the north end of the park and allows cyclists access from First Street Louth. It then extends southerly along the meandering Twelve Mile Creek and connects with the Black Walnut Trail. Access can also be gained from the Pelham and Wiley roads parking lots via the Black Walnut Trail.