Rotary International’s ‘Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup’

Here are the details for those who want to help:

– the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South will be participating in Rotary International’s ‘Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup’, an event that engages thousands of Rotarians and their friends in Canada and the U.S., to clean garbage anywhere in the vast area of the watershed.  This is in conjunction with Earth Week.

– Our club ‘RCSCS’ will be cleaning Canal Rd. from Lock 7 in Thorold down to Glendale Ave. in St. Catharines.  A distance of about 3 km.

– we will gather at Lock 7 / Viewing Centre on Saturday April 23 at 9 am.  We hope to be all done by noon.  If there is a weather issue, a rain date will be determined.

– we will start at Lock 7 and divide into groups, hopefully at least 3 or 4 groups of 4 each.  2 people on each side of the road.

– the first group/ team will start at the top.  The next group can walk to it’s start a quarter of the way down the hill.  Teams 3 and 4 can drive to their starting points, and park near it.

-the garbage is not evenly spread out along the  sides of the canal road.  For example, there is a ton of it near the railroad underpass, and the area closer to Glendale Ave.

– Rotary will supply the clear garbage bags needed, and some reflective vests.  If you have your own reflective vest, or bright clothing, please wear it

– Wear long pants, boots or sturdy shoes, and gloves.  If you have a grabber (picker? not sure what they are called) bring it.

– Do not put yourself in danger.  Stay off the slope that leads down to the railroad tracks, even tho you might be tempted to pick up the garbage that is there.

– Be extra careful with anything sharp, such as broken glass or syringes.  We hope to have a ‘Sharps’ needle disposal or equivalent for syringes.

– There are some large items that won’t fit into a garbage bag, such as broken construction signs.  Those can be located on the side of the road for pick up later

– There may be areas that are muddy.  There may be ticks in grassy areas.

– We are trying to gather data on what we have collected.  So if possible, try to record how many coffee cups you collect, masks, sand bags (the sand can be shaken out first) etc.

– We are also trying to get the weight of what is collected.  A best estimate will do.

– Filled garbage bags can be left on the side of the road for pick up by our truck later.  Try to locate several bags in one spot, for easier pick up.

– We can gather once we are done back at Lock 7, and see who got the most interesting garbage.  Can it be the slipper?  The fancy hubcap?  Other car parts?  And of course the mandatory photo op.